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Kitchens are the heart of the home. Buying the right kitchen utensils and dining products can make your home dazzle in more ways than one. At Melse, we take pride in offering affordable kitchenware without compromising on quality. 

Travel drinkware on-the-go

Whether it's hot or cold outside or when you are busy and on the move, you need durable and reliable travel ware that can eliminate your hunger and thirst. Melse's on-the-go collection ensures that you are always well prepared. At Melse, you will find the best travel tumblers to keep your beverages warm or cold, to keep you refreshed on the go. 
Our Thermo bottle is intended for those who like the delicate tastes of coffee and tea as well as drinking water at the desired temperature. Melse's vacuum-insulated tumbler provides excellent heat and cold retention, and retains the aroma and taste of beverages for an extended period of time.

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